Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Nothing much has been happening here. All usual mundane stuff, busy home-spent weekend, busy week ahead, plans for coming up weekend again. Days are rolling and rolling. Little A continues his playschool in a same positive mood, thank god. He learned quite much in just 2 weeks of attending it. W,e in our turn, teach him some things at home too, like colors, counting etc. I try to involve him in Russian books' reading everyday and we learned many Russian words too.  I hope that this trend will continue till his speech establishes properly.
D and I joined French language classes... Hence the post title "Bonjour!" :) Phew! The language is awesome but I barely get time to revise and repeat and learn new lessons. It's been also only two weeks (we joined classes the same day as A joined school) but learned quite a few phrases, and we can read and write (slowly).
On a crafty side, I have been rather slow but on purpose. I said myself not to rush into completing the  blankie but to enjoy making it, one square at a time. I am using a 7 mm aluminium crochet hook of a Russian company "Gamma". These have been the best crochet hooks to work with.
I also managed to create few so to say "side projects". One of them is a long-planned crochet owl!!! Little A picked up that owl сraze his mommy has (we have owls everywhere around the house, including my jewelry, and numerous owls in children's books, lol), so he became very happy when I gave him this:
Should I say that having another owl in our rooms brings enormous joy to me as well :) I have to make few more, probably, as X-mas gifts. In plans to create an autumn leaf garland using this awesome (fast and easy) crochet fall leaves pattern. One leaf  takes hardly 10 minutes to complete. Once I am done with the garland I will definitely showcase it. 
This weekend I should as well buy material for A's cape and a few skeins of yarn for my blanket because some ran out already. Going to be occupied with homely deals as usual. :)
Have a great week!

Monday, 12 September 2016

Autumn Feeling

Hello dear friends! I believe that the place we were born in and belonged to once always leaves a life-long impression on our body and mind. Even though it is hot and humid in India, and it seems that the summer will never end, my whole inner world has tuned into Autumn. I just feel it so much everywhere I go. I think of making some Autumn projects so that little A can be involved in them. His preschool is going to celebrate Halloween, and this is such a happy thought for me because in India  many schools don't do this. I am thinking of designing a really easy costume for him, and the main challenge is to make a cape. I thought of dressing little A up as a wizard or a superhero. I am going to use this Tutorial: DIY Superhero Capes.
What concerns my ongoing projects, I do have one. Perhaps it also appeared because of all the autumnal longing for cozy stuff. I have been very inspired till now. Once again, after having a long crochet-block I told myself that if I don't start crocheting again I will never start it. And I felt very sad and lost. Hence I searched for some eye-candy projects on the net, sucked in all the colors and patterns I saw, and thought of making something for myself like this Movie Night Cocoon Cardi. I liked its' cozy name, and considered it would be indeed great if went out for a movie soon, and me flaunting this handmade shrug. Alas! I never made it, and instead...
I have made 9 squares so far, and planning to make total of 25. If the  pace is the same as now the blanket shall be ready by mid October :) I must say that feeling yarn and a hook in my hands again gave me so much energy and positiveness! This time I haven't bought any special stash but combined and used the skeins left from the previous blankets. Somehow I am very pleased with the color combinations this time. I also did a BIG step in crocheting - I started crocheting in front of little A :) I had some kind of fear before he would start asking for the hooks and yarn, he does of course, so I give him another ones (which I am not using) and he plays with yarn as with a ball :) Hence I can spare a few minutes of crochet this way, without waiting when the night falls.
To bring on more Autumn feel, here are the photos sent by my parents. Autumn flowers blooming at dacha.
 Canna flower started blooming quite late because the summer was rainy and cold.
 Typical dacha style snack -  fried zuccini circles with tomato and garlic. It is so delicious! I wish oh so much to be there again! One month of trip home was not enough.

Have a wonderful week ahead, keep on crafting!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Big changes for little A

Hello my dear friends! I do hope you all are well and cozy in your homes and your loved ones are fine too. I can smell the Autumn in the air even here, when it's humid and plus 30 :) 1st of September is a Knowledge day across Russia and other CIS countries, when all the kids start a new study year, and many have their first day of school.
We also have started a really big phase in our lives - little A joined a playschool this Monday :) We were a little late for the 1st of September (as per the Russian tradition) because of the viral everyone caught (including A).
Aww... but how it sounds?! He started a playschool! Just a couple of years ago he could only lie down, feed and sleep, and now he is all grown up and dressed in a uniform, feeling independent in his play class. I feel immensely happy and sad at the same time - he is growing up really fast. But he has also become so much interesting now. He speaks a lot, making short sentences. He speaks three languages, Hindi, Russian and English. Calls me "mommy", calls D "papa" - with a stress on the last syllable. Only parents can talk about their kids all the time.
Well, I am glad that little A took this beginning positively - he loves being out in playschool, and teacher said that he is calm in the class, understands and responds to her. He is a little shy with other kids, but will start making friends soon I am sure.

To our surprise the playschool has a Romanian teacher, who happened to be married to an Indian and has been living here for 5 years! And she never met any other foreigners like her before :) We both felt so connected right away and exchanged contacts. 
We (especially me :P) Have become more busy now. I like it though, to get my little A ready for kindergarten, prepare breakfast for him and so on. Feels like I  am a really real mom now :) Hehe. I might share few recipes of his breakfast. What you used to give in a lunchbox for your kids? I would like his meals to be healthy and nutritious.
Here is an example of how I (it  is not me in the picture though) used to dress up when starting my formal schooling at the end of Soviet era. Pretty, isn't it? How different times are now, and my own child has already totally different experience overall, moreover in the Indian kindergarten. I hope he keeps enjoying this fun and learn journey.

Happy day to all! 

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Something Gothic in India

Hello my dear dear friends! We are back to India from our trips.  I couldn't stay at parents' place longer this year, nevertheless, enjoyed every moment spent there! My little A turned 2 in July. He was delighted to meet his grandparents again. This visit he was able to really take pleasure in different activities and, simply, in communication with his nana and nani (as maternal grandparents are called in Hindi).
My D organized an amazing trip for his parents and sister this time. They visited St. Petersburg and Moscow, and were stunned by the Russian cultural heritage. I do promise to make a couple of posts to present the places they visited there. I, in turn, preferred going with A straight to my parents so we could spend more time together, while in-laws and D joined us in Kazakhstan later. His parents left after 6 days, and he of course stayed with us till the end of July.
Meanwhile I would like to share with you our latest trip to the hills. It was a long Independence day weekend in India. We left on Saturday morning and headed towards Shimla (113 km away from our city). However our stay was about 10 km before it at Tweet Tweet home stay in Shoghi. We opted for a home stay instead of a hotel so that our little A would be able to have home made food. He has a very frustrating habit - when he is away from home, he stops eating properly. I should say thanks to our hosts because they provided something our A likes - plain ajwain parantha, fried potato and milk.
The day we arrived at our destination, the weather turned a little chilled, wet and foggy - exactly what we wanted it to be! This is a picture of a part of Mall Road in Shimla - the most popular place among visitors. You can see many such European style buildings on this street. There shops, cafes and restaurants on it as well.
But the real treat awaited the next day when we planned to go to the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, located in Shimla. I must say, it was an amazing experience! Just look at this Indo-gothic architecture - the facade, the stairs, the passages, the walls... The stone itself reflects that style, and the way the whole territory was planned back then...Unbelievable! There are more places like this India, many churches of the British Raj era.

Our little A, however, didn't care much about architectural beauty of the place and found his favourite occupation there - throwing pebbles in the water pools! Yey! That was tough to take him away from this interesting job when it started raining cats and dogs. The child was refusing to understand that he would be drained in water if came out of the shelter. But fortunately I had his darling book with me which kept him busy until the rain subsided.
 It felt as we were transferred to England for a couple of hours.
 As the Institute is situated on quite an elevation, we took a cab up, but went down by foot. Little A and his dad enjoying the walk downhill.
I hope to come here again...

 I would also like to say thanks to Ms Misantropia for organizing a giveaway, and giving me an opportunity to win this charming necklace which I received by post a few days ago! I absolutely love it and already wore it many times. Hehe.
 So that's it for now. Hope you are safe and happy wherever you are and watching Olympics.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Difficulties, Discoveries and Dreams

Hello my dear friends! The week has come to its logical end... the working week though :P The weekend is yet to begin. Yey! After my last complaint about unbearably hot weather in our city, the sky has had mercy on me and others, and we have been having rains and clouds on and off since then.  I cannot tell how exhausted I was in the past few weeks. Physically and mentally. But things seems getting more clear and resolving at last.
Oh yea, so what difficulties were (are) there that I had to mention them in the title? Many many things going on here currently. And nothing, what I learn again and again, is obtained with ease, especially, when this is something very important to you. We had to deal with loads of bureaucracy, paper work, calls, e-mails, calls again, e-mails again... We had lack of sleep, preparing for something, we had few arguments too and nice talks as well.
Dream keeper by Whimsical dreams
About discoveries now... We had to learn things about each other,something which may not have showed up in other situation. For example, I appeared to be very hesitant in talking to people, asking them something... D appeared to be rather impatient if things go not the way he wants. And much more I guess. The fact is that unless we started some important process in our lives we would have never got so many chances to sit and talk and discuss, and laugh, and encourage each other. We are nearing our 6th marriage anniversary - still so much to explore! We also had to discover that not all those who call themselves your "friends" are indeed "friends". Some events show their true face, true thoughts, true intentions. It is sad but angers me too. However I let it go... I understood that family is most reliable and most valuable in my life.
In addition to discoveries, I had to take a help from one of my university teachers in Moscow and coordinate things with her. Besides the fact that she was the only one who decided to help me and knew what exactly had to be done, she also appeared to be a blogger, and I enjoyed reading her insights in her personal life, her professional endeavors, and, most interesting, her poetry... How exciting it is that we discover something like this about persons who we seemed to  know but actually never had a chance to know better.
Ah well... and dreams. They are big, fat, promising, hopeful, and happy. We really expect that they realize as soon as possible.

I hope that everything is fine in your corner of the world, and that you also have dreams which keep you going...

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